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In the few, short years since the inception of the 4-H Foundation of Cole County, we have provided sponsorships for:


  • Equipment and supplies to support the ever-growing Shooting Sports Projects.

  • Individual assistance to 4-Hers in need to participate in events and contests.

  • Agility equipment for the dog project.

  • Helped a family with expenses due to the sudden and tragic death of a family member.

  • Start-up funds for the Mid-Missouri Bit & Bridle Equestrian Drill Team to purchase uniforms and sound equipment.

  • 4-H Members to attend 4-H camp.


  • January 12         Agenda   Minutes (Planning Meeting-Cancelled due to snow)

  • January 23         Agenda   Minutes

  • March 20           Agenda    Minutes

  • June 26             Agenda    Minutes

  • September 18    Agenda   Minutes

  • November 20     Agenda   Minutes


  • January 11         Agenda    Minutes

2018 Year-End Financial Snapshot.jpg

Why Have a Foundation?


The success of 4-H in Cole and surrounding counties has created more demand on our program. The Cole County 4-H Foundation is a legal body able to receive/invest money and own real and personal property on behalf of the local 4-H program.


For example, Shooting Sports enrollment has tripled and the cost of youth trips has increased exponentially, as has the price of the equipment necessary to make all these wonderful opportunities possible. The Cole County 4-H Foundation also helps provide volunteers, materials and scholarships, and financial help to assist these expanding demands.

Ways We Have Helped


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