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Volunteers are needed now more than ever! With the number of single-parent families, the rising number of available alternative, extracurricular activities, and families in which both parents work, volunteers are the glue that keeps 4-H together!


4-H Foundation of Cole County members are individuals from all walks of life who believe in the mission of 4-H, have an interest in youth development and who support youth education.  Board members serve as role models in leadership, responsibility, character, respect and citizenship. A few of the great ways to help are:

  • Become a board member and join in the decision making process.

  • Financially support 4-H through our special events or make a donation.

  • Attend and assist at events.

4-H Teaches Life Skills


Decision Making:

  • Achievement Night

  • Livestock Judging

  • Choosing Project Area



  • Feeding animal daily

  • Learning and Completing Project



  • Proper care & handling of animal

  • Respect Leaders, Peers, Self



  • Following all the rules

  • Doing Your Best



  • Holding a club office

  • Helping a younger member


       “When I signed my son up for 4-H, I was afraid he was too old--he was 15! So many others start when they 8 or 9, but he did fantastic! So many projects, what to choose?

       He opted for shooting sports and wow, he can really shoot; he even went to the state competition! And the youth programs for the older kids, double-wow. He spent 4 days on University of Missouri-Columbia campus to learn more about college life and how to plan for it.

There are so many great opportunities and I know he will be able to take these skills and build on them for the rest of his life.” -- JK


      “As a Clover Kid, my daughter was too shy to even say her name in front of the group; she would hide behind my leg.

      At her 2nd meeting as a ‘real’ 4-H member, she gave a PowerPoint presentation in front of the whole club!

      Now she has the public speaking skills to make presentations at banquets and other events, even in front of adults.

      I have seen my children grow and
mature with the responsibilities and requirements of their 4-H projects.”
-- DT

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